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Appointments:  We are glad to have you follow us to Marble Veterinary Hospital.  However, we know given the distance you may desire to stay locally.  You have few options to collect your records.  Until January 31st, you can collect a hard copy from our office in Bryson City.  After that time you can collect a digital copy by submitting an email to  We will gladly transfer any records to another hospital that calls for a request.  

Call us at 828-488-6018 or fax us at 828-488-8588. 


Or fill in the following form and one of our staff will get back to you to help you in scheduling an appointment at our new location in Marble or to help you collect your records from Bryson City Veterinary Hospital. 


200 Bryson Walk

Bryson City NC

828.488.8588 (fax)



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